Political leaders praise work of ruling coalition at Bosnia's state level

NEWS 01.06.202318:25 0 komentara
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Despite the differences, the coalition partners at the state level in Bosnian government are on a good path and the atmosphere is “promising,” according to the leaders of three political parties – the SDP and the HDZ BiH from the Bosniak-Croat shared Federation entity and the SNSD from Republika Srpska entity in a regular monthly meeting on Thursday.

Although he admitted the coalition partners have difficulties to agree on certain issues, Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Nermin Niksic said they are on a good path,

He expressed content with the meeting the leaders held on thursday in theou southern city of Mostar, adding that he expects the coalition to improve the situation in the country and that citizens will see the benefit.

Niksic also praised the work of the government of the Federation entity and that the latest session, where all decisions were unanimously adopted, is an example of a “new atmosphere.”

According to him, the reform path is resuming and relations within the entity will get better.

“I think we're on a good path and that energy is very good. We're still getting to know each other. We're rebuilding the destroyed bridges of trust and as days pass by I feel that everything is getting better,” he added.

Milorad Dodik, the leader of the SNSD, the strongest party in Republika Srpska entity, said the atmosphere in the meeting was “promissing” and “completely different than the one from some past times.”

“When it was the SDA (the Party of Democratic Action) we were expecting hits every day and we were returning them. Now the issues are being put on agenda and are sought to be solved. I am happy with this partnership,” said Dodik.

He announced a meeting of two entity governments and that he is glad to see that happening.

Dodik also said that the “Bosniak side” will host the next coalition meeting.

Speaking after the meeting, HDZ BiH leader Dragan Covic said the leaders agreed to create a “more acceptable ambience of a more efficient functioning of executive and legislative authorities” both at the level of BiH but also at the FBiH entity level.

“It seems like it is possible to work decently and well in the Council of Ministers, with less or more of the problems that might emerge,” said Covic, reminding of the upcoming visit of European enlargement commissioner Oliver Varhelyi proves the work of the Council of Ministers has been successful and that there is room to improve it.

He also announced work on the reform of the electoral legislation, naming three representatives of the parties whose leaders met on Thursday, who will make preparations for meetings with partners in the international community.

“If we continue working this way, I see no reason why we wouldn't get the full package of measures towards the EU at the same time,” Covic concluded.