Possible reasons and implications for withdrawal of “foreign agents” law in Republika Srpska

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N1 BiH

Ivana Korajlic, the Executive Director of Transparency International BiH, spoke to N1 about possible reasons and implications for withdrawal of "foreign agents" law in the National Assembly of Republika Srpska entity.

Korajlic addressed who influenced the withdrawal of this law and whether the international community had a role in it.

“We can only speculate about the primary reason for withdrawing the law. Passing such a law is contrary to the RS Constitution and all relevant conventions. Given the nature of the authorities in RS, it's hard to know exactly why this move was made. It concerns us that RS President Milorad Dodik later provided an explanation via social media. We cannot relax and assume this saga is over; the threat remains over everyone's heads in BiH, with the potential for the law to be reintroduced at any time,” she said.

Korajlic further added:

“Understanding the approach of RS authorities leads us to conclude that this is about calculating their personal interests. What exactly is key, we can only guess. We don't know what happened behind the scenes. For days, everyone was occupied with other issues, where nothing else in the procedure could capture the leaders’ or the public's attention in RS. It's hard to pinpoint what exactly influenced the decision. The possibility of this issue being revisited always exists.”

When asked if signals from Washington about additional sanctions, including those against SNSD and some banks in both entities, had arrived, Korajlic responded:

“The issue of sanctions and account freezes has confused the authorities in RS for the first time. They are now facing concrete consequences related to their decisions. This will undoubtedly impact future decision-making, as each individual who needs to sign a decision that could subject them to sanctions will now consider the much greater consequences. The consequences are now more severe, potentially affecting salaries and other aspects. Every harmful initiative like this serves another purpose, be it trade, manipulation, or influencing other processes,” she said.

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