‘Price of possible sanctions will be paid by RS residents, not politicians’

NEWS 13.10.202117:22 0 komentara
N1 BiH

All acts passed by Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity parliament regarding the announced revocation of consent for the existence of the State Court, army and taxation authority will be absolutely null and void, Faris Vehabovic, a Judge of the European Court of Human Rights told N1 Wednesday, adding that partial referendums are also out of the question as they are against the constitution. The possible sanctions from the international community as a response to these acts, he said, will mostly affect RS residents, not politicians.

He noted that one territorial unit within BiH cannot change state laws or put its provisions out of force.

Commenting on the events in the RS parliament, he added that “this is all a schizophrenic situation that will bring bad things to RS residents but also to all BiH citizens. This has been brought to a boiling point where it is difficult to find a way without losing political points. That is exactly the case – by provoking such discussions and conflicts, politicians want to get a good starting point for the upcoming elections.”

Vehabovic said that Milorad Dodik, the leader of the ruling RS party and BiH Presidency member who announced these steps, will be the least hit.

“I am afraid that the RS residents will suffer in the first place because if there are any sanctions, they will certainly not affect Milorad Dodik or anyone from the RS participating in these endeavours. The price will be paid by RS residents,” said Vehabovic.

The European Human Rights Court stated that the answer to the current crisis in the country must primarily come from the Prosecutor's Office of BiH.

“The Prosecutor's Office should reopen the Criminal Code of BiH and find out which criminal offences such actions fall into, they would certainly find a lot of material. I think that they must finally start doing their job and earn their salary. If the Prosecutor's Office of BiH does not react, then there is no other way but for the international community to act with the powers it has, otherwise – I am afraid there could be more serious consequences, even certain types of conflict,” Vehabovic stressed.

He reiterated that blocking state institutions must be a crime, stressing that “democracy is not a buffet, the rules of the game are known, and they are: respect for the Constitution and the law.”