Protest in Montenegro over Dodik's visit

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A group of Montenegrin citizens gathered on Tuesday in the capital city of Podgorica to protest against the visit of Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik. Pročitaj više

The crowd gathered in front of the Parliament building, carrying banners that read: ‘Long live Bosnia and Herzegovina’, ‘Putin's envoys are not welcomed’, ‘For integral and indivisible BiH’, ‘Dodik’ is not a path to Europe’, and so on.

Dodik arrived in Montenegro to meet with Parliament Speaker and leader of the New Serb Democracy party Andrija Mandic, Dodik's office announced on Monday.

Local media in Montenegro wrote that neither the President of Montenegro not the Prime Minister had official information about the visit of the President of Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity to Montenegro, and that they were not asked to meet him.

The Parliament did not respond to media inquiry about whether Mandic invited Dodik and what are the topics of their meeting.

Dodik's visit comes only days after his meeting with Russian President Vladirmir Putin, who awarded the Bosnian Serb leader for “great contribution” to the relations between the Serb-majority region and Russia.

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