Radojicic forms few political movement: “Neither with government, nor opposition”

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Igor Radojičić (N1)

Igor Radojicic, former mayor of Banja Luka and ex-member of the SNSD, has launched a new political movement called "On our path, Independent movement - Igor Radojicic". The centrist party aims to attract a broad base of supporters. Pročitaj više

During the inaugural press conference, Radojicic announced that the party collects necessary materials for election registration and hinted at the possibility of fielding a candidate for mayor in Banja Luka.

He emphasized that the party will make decisions about candidates by July 8, but it is already clear that they will not form coalitions with any existing political entities. Radojicic stressed that the party will adhere strictly to the rules set by the Central Election Commission.

“We will prepare for the elections according to the existing rules. The National Assembly of Republika Srpska (NSRS) is sacred to us; I was the president of the NSRS and am proud of that period. The NSRS is the highest legislative body according to our Constitution, and if we do not respect it, no one else will,” said Radojicic, reaffirming the party's commitment to the Election Law of Republika Srpska if and when it comes into effect.

Radojicic expressed his belief that political alignment does not need to be confined to two camps led by the SNSD or the opposition.

“Independent Movement ‘On our path – Igor Radojicic’ is a new political entity in Banja Luka, RS, BiH, Europe, and the world. We were officially registered with the Basic Court on May 10. Less than a month into our official existence, there were questions about our whereabouts. It is probably unique to have been founded a few months before elections, during the registration period,” stated Radojicic.

He added that the movement had a lot of internal work in recent weeks. “As of yesterday, we have met all the conditions to function as a political entity and enter into agreements. The logo has multiple meanings: a stylized arrow pointing forward, a house symbolizing hospitality, an open window representing openness, and, of course, the colors of our tricolor. We plan to have up to five vice presidents; today, we have two here – Dr. Milan Grubor from Banja Luka, a specialist endocrinologist, and Master Radenko Banovic, soon to be a doctor of technical sciences from Prijedor,” Radojicic concluded.

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