Republika Srpska veterans announce prevention of Bosniaks from buying land near Bijeljina

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The association of veterans "Garda Panteri" announced and later deleted from its Facebook page the announcement that it will organize a protest in Nova Janja in the vicinity of Bijeljina, to prevent Bosniaks from buying houses in what they called a "Serb neighborhood". Such announcements are disturbing for Bosniak returnees wrote.

Petar Cvjetinovic, the president of the veterans’ association, confirmed for Detektor that members and sympathizers of the so-called “Panthers” will rally and send a message to all the locals warning them of attempts to buy Serb land and property.

“Be careful, a man came to a purely Serb settlement, which has almost 600 Serb houses, and buys a Serb house. That is very suspicious to us,” he says.

The association published a proclamation on its Facebook profile on Tuesday morning after a house was sold to a person of Bosniak ethnicity, Cvjetinovic explained.

“Nova Janja is a purely Serb place where people who have been expelled from their homes can live. Selling houses to some dubious types is not good,” they wrote on their Facebook page, where they announced a “big rally in Nova Janja” to prevent the sale of property to Bosniaks.

“Garda” removed the post from its Facebook page after talking with Detektor journalists.

Bijeljina mayor Ljubisa Petrovic did not respond to calls and messages from Detektor journalists for a comment on the “Garda Pantheri” announcement.

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