Rigorous measures announced after TV host’s question regarding Dodik

NEWS 30.10.2022 18:12
Senad Hadžifejzović
Senad Hadžifejzović u Pressingu (Foto: N1)

Director of Bosnia’s Communications Regulatory Agency (RAK) Drasko Milinovic announced rigorous measures against FACE television, whose owner and host Senad Hadzifejzovic allegedly asked during a conversation with a guest on his talk show whether Milorad Dodik, the newly elected President of the country’s Republika Srpska entity, should "be removed, calmed down or be killed." Later in the evening, Hadzifejzovic denied these accusations, saying the final word he said was to soothe, not to kill Mr Dodik.

Milinovic said that the RAK had officially started proceedings against that said media on Sunday.

“It will be a shortened procedure considering that, at first glance of what happened, it is also clear that the Code on the provision of audio-visual media services and radio media services was violated,” he said.

According to him, it is obvious that many more Agency's by-laws have been violated, as well.

“Such things that we have unfortunately seen in the media space of BiH, primarily on FACE television, are inadmissible and RAK will not allow them,” said Milinovic.

He said that in communication with colleagues from the field of broadcasting, and according to their preliminary analysis, the measures against the local TV will be rigorous.

“And I can announce rigorous measures so things like this never happen again,” added Milinovic.

In case it happens again, Milinovic said, the final measure is the suspension of the program and the revocation of the license.

In the video shared by Dodik's daughter, one can easily hear Hadzifejzovic asking, during a conversation with a guest on his show, what to do with the outgoing BiH Presidency member, Milorad Dodik – if the solution was to “remove him or calm him down” and the third word is scrambled, faintly resembling the verb “to kill” in Bosnian.

Hadziferzovic's TV, however, published an audio recording of the segment in question in which, Hadzifejzovic claims, he said “remove him, calm him, or soothe him“. The confusion between the two words can be justified by the fact that the two words in do sound somewhat similar in Bosnian, especially when pronounced quickly. The verb to kill is “ubiti,” and to soothe is “umiriti,” in Bosnian.



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