Rosensaft: If we forget Srebrenica and its victims, our souls will turn to stone

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F.Z./N1 (M. Rosensaft at commemoration for Srebrenica genocide victims/ M.Rosensaft na komemoraciji zrtvama genocida u Srebrenici)

The Vice President of the World Jewish Congress, Menachem Rosensaft, said Tuesday at the commemoration of the victims of the genocide in Srebrenica that if we forget Srebrenica and its victims, our souls will turn to stone and our eyes will never shed tears again.

He pointed out that unleashed hatred and supremacy lead to crimes like those committed in Pilica, Jasenovac and Kigali.

“Liquidated Bosniak men and boys are not the first nor will they be the last, but they’re calling from their graves to be remembered for what they were, for the horror they felt and for everything they were not allowed to become,” Rosensaft said.

He added that the Bosniak boy in Pilica, the Jewish child in Ponar, the Serbian baby in Jasenovac and the Tutsi girls in Kigali are our conscience and our compass.

“In Srebrenica, Potocari and Pilica, we area the murdered Bosniaks; in Birkenau, Treblinka and Belzen we are the murdered Jews, in Kigali we are the murdered Tutsi, in Jasenovac we are the murdered Serbs, Jews and Roma, in Adana we were the murdered Armenians, the dead must not become statistics,” Rosensaft noted.

He stressed that there is no justification for the murder of unarmed men and boys, for the rape of women and girls, and that we will not forgive those who justify murderers, find excuses for rape, and who glorify Ratko Mladic with murals in Banja Luka, Bosanska Gradiska, Kalinovik and Belgrade.

“When Milorad Dodik says that there was no genocide, he tells Mevludin Oric that he was not left in a mass grave among the dead, he tells Saliha Osmanovic that she did not see Mladic in Potocari, that the Bosnian Chetniks did not kill Ramo and Nermin, that Ramo’s wife she did not become a widow who lies every night in tears,” Rosensaft said.

He added that when Zeljka Cvijenovic says that Srebrenica was revenge for earlier violence against Bosnian Serbs, she justifies the cold-blooded murder of 14-year-old Senad Beganovic, 15-year-old Damir Suljic, 16-year-old Azmir Osmanovic, 16-year-old Salim Mustafic – she justifies the killing of children.

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