RS entity parliament to host Russian Ambassador and discuss world relations

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The Republika Srpska entity National Assembly (RSNA) will hold a special session Monday where MP will discuss the current international political situation that is the result of the war in Ukraine and give its assessment on the subject matter, BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik said Friday.

The address of the Russian Ambassador to BiH is planned at the session, which is why, according to him, other ambassadors withdrew from attending the session, and because of that, he noted, they were not even invited.

“We interviewed them and they said they would not come if the Russian Ambassador showed up. That's why we didn't invite them. The RSNA is the highest legislative and political body in the RS and geopolitics is under the jurisdiction of the RS. The unavoidable role of the RSNA is when a veto is reached in the Presidency of BiH. I wanted to inform the RSNA about the current situation in the international political arena that is the result of the conflict in Ukraine and to give some assessments and visions of how things will move and how to treat it,” said Dodik before the round table of the RS Academy of Sciences titled “The role of the Constitutional Court of BiH in the implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement.”

Speaking about the round table, he reiterated his earlier position that he was “against the participation of foreign judges in the work of the Constitutional Court” and that this court had allegedly made “a series of unconstitutional decisions.”

“It is unacceptable that there are foreigners and that the Constitutional Court deals with issues and makes decisions outside the Constitution. It’s unacceptable that it has acquired additional powers to deal with all issues so as to become the Supreme Court in BiH,” Dodik added.

He also said that his opinion on this matter is “is not a political fad.”

The RSNA special session will be held on Monday, June 6.

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