RS PM shamefully compares number of Srebrenica genocide victims to Auschwitz

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The Prime Minister of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity Radovan Viskovic repeated after the meeting of the RS Government in Srebrenica the untrue allegations concerning the UN Resolution on Srebrenica genocide that it says that "Serbs are a genocidal nation". He also inappropriately compared the number of victims of Srebrenica with the victims of Auschwitz, Jasenovac, and Donja Gradina, shamefully stating that they "cannot be equated". He also spoke about the number of victims of the genocide in Srebrenica, trying to dispute it, stating shamefully that some of those "buried alive" are still alive.

“We can hold a session outside Banja Luka. We wanted to show that the RS Government absolutely wants to do its job in a constitutional and legal manner, regardless of the fact that the UN is trying to create some resolution on Srebrenica, on the Serbian genocide, on the fact that we are a genocidal people. We reject such theses and claims. Everything that has been said in scientific and professional circles, a serious crime took place in Srebrenica and we accept it. All those who committed crimes should be held accountable. But, what about the 3,500 victims of Serb ethnicity in and around Srebrenica”, Viskovic said.

These claims are not mentioned in the UN Resolution on the Genocide in Srebrenica because neither collective responsibility nor Serbia is mentioned anywhere. You can read the Resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica here.

Viskovic pointed out that they were “especially disappointed” that the introduction of the Resolution was submitted by Germany, and again made the false claim that the Resolution wanted to label them a “genocide people”. He then “compared” the victims of Srebrenica, Jasenovac and other execution sites with the Russian victims.

“We are particularly irritated that July 11th is being declared as Genocide Remembrance Day throughout the world. Is Srebrenica, then, on par with Auschwitz, Jasenovec, Donja Gradina and all other execution sites, without talking about the suffering of the Russian people in the Second World War? In the coming years and days they will want to equate those dates to July 11. That cannot equate our 700,000 victims with, according to them, 8,000 dead in Srebrenica. That information is not correct,” Visokvic shamefully said.

He then falsely stated that the “driver of the Mayor of Srebrenica lives next to his monument” and that there are 87 genocide victims living in the country.

“They have been there since the opening of the Memorial Center. They are still alive today. Eighty-seven of them are still alive today. And you want to give us a mortgage that we are a genocidal people”, the RS Prime Minister said.

International courts established in their final verdicts that over 8,000 victims died in the Srebrenica genocide. Many families are still searching for the bones of their loved ones.

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