Russia, China threaten common BiH, US interests, Ambassador says

NEWS 31.03.2022 12:59

BiH needs functionally efficient institutions in which all leaders and functional entities will participate, ensuring a prosperous future for the citizens. At the moment, there are none," US Ambassador to BiH Michael Murphy said Thursday during a press conference where he presents his plans and priorities during his term.

“I know BiH is complicated and that my job will not be easy, but my team and I are ready to solve problems with our partners,” he added.

Ambassador Murphy said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine had changed the world and that BiH citizens knew best what war meant.

“The war in Ukraine is the best indicator that BiH must join NATO, but that path, as well as the path to the EU, is not easy, it must be earned and leaders must work to ensure the future they promised to the citizens. BiH citizens have a right to expect politicians to invest time and energy to keep promises and should hold them accountable. For the next three years, I will support reconciliation among peoples,” Murphy said.

“The blame for the genocide lies with those who committed it, not with the entire nation. It is the duty of today's leaders to respect the victims and to promote reconciliation and respect for judgments,” The Ambassador said.

“Then I will support the rule of law and anti-corruption reforms because corruption stands in the way of EU integration and exposes the country to external influences with malignant policies undermining democracy and increasing ethnic tensions in BiH.”

Murphy stated that he would also support economic reforms in the country adding that Russia and China threaten the common interests of BiH and the United States.

“Fifth, I will support BiH's Euro-Atlantic path. We will work together with partners and leaders responsible for the country's future to work on reforms,” he concluded.



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