Russia suspends financing of the OHR in Bosnia

N1 (OHR)

The Russian Federation has informed the Office of the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina (OHR) that it is suspending its participation in the financing of the OHR, "Nezavisne novine" daily learned from that institution.

On the other hand, the Russian Embassy in BiH did not want to comment on this claim from the OHR.

“We would not like to comment on financial issues because they are issues of the internal structure of the OHR,” said the Russian Embassy.

The OHR pointed out that the money for their financing is provided by the Peace Implementation Council (PIC) member states and that the budget year of the OHR lasts from July 1 this year to June 30 next year.

The OHR’s budget for 2021/2022. year is € 5,327,627.

The overview of the contributions of individual countries in the OHR budget is as follows: EU 47.68 percent, USA 22 percent, Japan 10 percent, UK 6.69 percent, Canada 3.03 percent, Organization of the Islamic Conference 2.5 percent, Russia 1.2 percent, other members 6.9 percent,” the OHR website said.

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