Sakib Mahmuljin, convicted of war crimes, fails to show up to serve time

NEWS 23.11.2022 19:21
Source: Sud BiH

Sakib Mahmuljin, the former commander of the Third Corps of the Army of the then Republic of BiH, who was convicted of war crimes against Serbs in the area of Vozuca and Zavidovici, was supposed to appear in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina Wednesday, but he did not come. 

“The convicted, Sakib Mahmuljin, did not respond to the call of the Court of BiH to hand over a referral act directing him to serve a prison sentence, the Court will undertake the actions prescribed by law so that the convicted Mahmuljin can start serving the prison sentence”, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina told “Nezavisne novine” daily.

At the end of April this year, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina sentenced Mahmuljin to eight years in prison for crimes against captured Serb civilians, medical personnel and soldiers.

The second-instance verdict was handed down six years after the start of the court process.


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