Sarajevo marks 32 anniversary of formation of Republic of BiH Army


The 19th anniversary of the 2nd Infantry Regiment of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AF BiH) and the 32nd anniversary of the formation of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina were marked by laying flowers at the Martyrs' Cemetery in Sarajevo’s Kovaci neighbourhood and honouring the fallen fighters and martyrs.

Representatives of public and political life in Bosnia and Herzegovina also paid tribute.

The Speaker of the House of Peoples of the BiH Parliament and one of the commanders of the Special Unit of the RBiH Interior Ministry Kemal Ademovic recalled that the Territorial Defence was formed on April 15, 1992.

“Hasan Efendic was appointed as the head of that Territorial Defence. It was the forerunner of the later establishment of the RBiH Army, which was the guarantor of the survival of our nation in these areas. Today and all these years, we celebrate that day with due respect, remembering and passing it on to the generations to come, so it is never forgotten,” Ademovic said.

The Army of the RBiH was founded on April 15, 1992, therefore that day is considered the Day of the Army of the RBiH, which gathered patriots who stood on the front line of the defence of the RBiH in its ranks, sharing the idea of a free and independent state.

The Army of the RBiH was considered the official armed force in BiH during the aggression against the country.

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