Sarajevo police arrest 31 in large-scale operation against organised crime

NEWS 13.10.202112:49 0 komentara

Sarajevo Canton police apprehended at least 31 persons including six police officers on Wednesday in a large-scale operation codenamed 'Kontakt', aimed at dismantling an organised criminal group.

The arrests come as a result of a several months long investigation into the activities of the criminal group.

Acting at order of the Municipal Court of Sarajevo, the police raided premises at the ttoal of 38 locations, of which 29 in Sarajevo Canton and nine on the territories of Istocno Sarajevo and Trebinje.

Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Interior carried out the operation in cooperation with the police of Republika Srpska, one of two Bosnia's semi-autonomous entities.

The ministry said these activities prove its commitment to fight against crime and corruption, “especially in its own ranks”

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