School shooting in Bosnia, one man injured (PHOTO)

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Denis Hisari / N1

A man was injured Wednesday morning in a shooting in a school in the town of Lukavac, north of the capital Sarajevo, mayor Edin Delic has confirmed.

In a brief post on social media, Delic wrote that the perpetrator is a juvenile kid, who has been put under arrest.

The mayor also confirmed that there were no injured among the students, and asked the parents not to spread panic.

“A tough day,” Delic wrote.

Denis Hisari / N1
Denis Hisari / N1
Denis Hisari / N1

The identity of the man who was injured in the shooting has not been revealed yet. Authorities said his name initials are O.N. and he has been hospitalised at the Tuzla University Clinical Centre, where he is undergoing a surgery.

Police said in a brief statement that the shooting was reported at 9 a.m. and that the teams were sent to the site of the accident, the Lukavac Grad elementary school.

Local media reported that regular session of the Lukavac City Council has been called off due to the accident.

N1 learned that the injured man is Nedim Osmanovic, English teacher in the school.

His father, former state MP Ismet Osmanovic, told N1 that the surgery is still ongoing but that doctors told him his son was in a stable condition.

“It is true, it is my son. He is the English teacher and assistant to the school principal,” he said.