Serbian Interior Minister says Serbia and Bosnia's RS entity are one

NEWS 15.02.202211:39 0 komentara

Serbia’s Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin stated on Tuesday that representatives of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska entity will be present in Orasac to celebrate February 15, Serbia’s Statehood Day, noting that it cannot be celebrated without them. Pročitaj više

“We are one. The fact that we are separated by borders, which we did not seek or draw, is a different issue that we do not have to discuss today, but we are one,” Vulin said in a statement.

He recalled that the laws introduced four dates that Serbia and the RS celebrate together, which, in his words, “determine our identity and say how important we are to each other.”

“We cannot allow others to write our history, because whenever others wrote our history, we were declared a genocidal people, from victims we suddenly became aggressors,” said Vulin.

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