Serbian MP apologises for his tweet on ‘denazification of Balkans’

NEWS 01.08.202212:02 0 komentara

MP of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Vladimir Djukanovic apologised to the public following his tweet saying that it seems to him “that Serbia will be forced to begin the denazification of the Balkans.”

Djukanovic said he acted as “a terribly irresponsible person” and that he wrote the tweet “more as a joke” but made a huge problem for Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and for his country.

“It is my obligation to apologize here to the entire the public. I was being a terribly irresponsible person. I accept that,” Djukanovic told Pink TV.

“My terrible mistake is my irresponsibility. We now have to be fully responsible, we fully have to listen to the state leadership and try to prevent a conflict,” Djukanovic said,

Djukanovic’s tweet triggered stormy reactions.

We note that the term “denazification” was used by Russia as one of the pretexts for the military invasion of Ukraine.

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