Serbia’s Vucic promises more aid for Bosnia's Milorad Dodik

NEWS 15.11.2021 15:56
Milorad Dodik i Aleksandar Vučić u Beogradu
Source: Milorad Dodik i Aleksandar Vučić u Beogradu (TANJUG/ RADE PRELIC)

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic promised on Monday more financial aid to BiH semi-autonomous Serb-dominated Republic of Srpska (RS) entity to the Serb member of BiH tripartite Presidency Milorad Dodik, and added he supported the Dayton Agreement and its implementation.

The two also talked about the joint projects and current regional issues and referred.

Vucic promised that Serbia would continue with even more significant support to the RS’ municipalities and further investments in education and health infrastructure in all parts of the entity.

He confirmed Serbia would take part in the construction of the Sremska Raca-Bijeljina highway with significant financial resources.

Dodik said the project was of strategic importance for the RS and thanked Serbia for its great help and support.

Vucic added Belgrade would always support the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement that ended the war in Bosnia and its Constitution, as well as their full implementation, while Dodik reiterated his stand about the RS being deprived of the competencies that belonged to it under the Dayton Agreement and that the entity would peacefully advocate for the restoration of rights and justice provided by the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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