Serbs from FBiH: We are against Dodik's ‘peaceful separation’

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a complete state, a state of two entities, three constituent peoples and others, and as such - complete, sovereign, indivisible and existing – and it will continue to exist in these areas. There have been and probably will be calls for its division, for the secession of the Republika Srpska (RS) entity. But the invitations remain just that, a dead letter and the vain expression of one's desire for secession will remain recorded in history as empty wishes, without real support for mere independence, the Serb Civic Council (SGV) in BiH said regarding the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In their statement, the SGV noted that the Serbs are not a genocidal people, regardless of how anyone interprets and reads the Resolution on Srebrenica genocide that was adopted by the UN General Assembly, and which, among other things, served Milorad Dodik, the leader of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) and the President of the Republika Srpska (RS) entity to call for the peaceful separation of the RS from the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The warnings of the embassies of powerful countries – the USA, England and the European Union – that, by calling for secession, Dodik is actually destroying the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina – are not without great reason, because it actually threatens peace in the region.

“We, the Serbs living in the FBiH and who will always remain there, remain our own, since the Dayton Peace Agreement, enjoying a peaceful and dignified life, sharing the good and the bad with other peoples. We have never approved invitations to the so-called peaceful separation of the people in this country, so even now we do not agree to such a thing, because this cannot and will not be achieved by a kind of peaceful separation, because there is no splitting of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina without war, bloodshed and a very uncertain future of life in these areas,” the SGV said.

The UN resolution must not be a reason to impose the adjective of a genocidal people on Serbs, nor was it the reason for the Government of RS to raise the issue of peaceful separation, when the same government knows very well that the peaceful separation of any entity is impossible, they pointed out.

“If, on the other hand, the Government insists on it, does that mean that, if peace is impossible, some other separation is possible, and that there is nothing left but war? And if he already knows that there is no peaceful separation, is it clear to Dodik that he is calling for war? We, the Serbs from the FBiH, are therefore not in favor of Milorad Dodik's calls for the secession of the RS and we believe that the majority of Serbs from the Republika Srpska are not in favour of that,” the SGV stated.

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