Sir David King: We could have prevented 75.000 coronavirus deaths in the UK

NEWS 07.01.202121:06 0 komentara

It is very difficult to recognize the strategy of the British government regarding the coronavirus, said the former chief scientific adviser to the British government, Sir David King. King, who advised Tony Blair but also led the fight against climate change on behalf of the UK, talks in an exclusive interview with N1 about how the UK is the hardest-hit country in Europe.

We asked the professor of the renown Cambridge University whether he could compare some earlier prime ministers’ with the current British Prime Minister and his response to the coronavirus? Keng told N1 what he thinks of the World Health Organisation's work during the pandemic and the development of the vaccine.

As a climate change expert, King said Joe Biden's victory was the best news for the fight against climate change.

See the exclusive interview with Sir David King in the video above.

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