Slovenia relaxes restrictions for athletes, fitness centres open

NEWS 16.02.2021 17:42
Jure Makovec / AFP

Recreational outdoor and indoor sports activities are allowed in Slovenia as of this week, with a maximum 10 participants who have to keep a two-metre physical distance from one another and get tested for coronavirus at least once a week.

Indoor tennis and badminton, workout in fitness centres, swimming in pools, ice skating and joint training as well as skiing courses are allowed again, the State Secretary for Sports and Education, Marjan Dolinšek, said on Tuesday.

Training for contact sports is still not allowed and athletes and skiers are advised to wear face masks and participate in sporting activities only if they are completely healthy.

The government has secured a sufficient number of tests to test all groups that have to be tested, including shop assistants, school employees as well as athletes. Mass-scale testing with antigen tests has been underway.

On Monday alone, more than 42,000 tests were done, including 37,830 antigen tests, and 750 returned positive.

Five people have died as a result of coronavirus infection in the last 24 hours, the lowest number of fatalities in a single day in the second wave of the epidemic.

The number of active cases has dropped to 12,102 and and the number of hospitalisations to 691, which, along with currently positive projections of future trends, will enable new relaxation of restrictions in the first half of March.


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