Slovenian Prime Minister optimistic about Belgrade-Pristina negotiations


Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob commented on the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina for N1, saying that he believes decisive solutions can be reached in the next month.

During his official visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday, Golob told N1 that the issue of stability in relations between Belgrade and Pristina is key to the stability of the region.

“I think this issue is crucial for the stability of the Western Balkans. I believe that the focus of the international community is on solving this problem on the Belgrade-Pristina route. I’m optimistic because progress has been made in the previous weeks,” the Prime Minister said.

He sees a connection between solving this issue and the stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I believe that in the next month, there can be decisive solutions in this area. I know that this will also affect the stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina, so I’m looking forward to progress in the situation between Belgrade and Pristina,” Golob told N1.

The Slovenian official stated during the interview for N1 that the current moment in Brussels can be considered more favourable than before when it comes to Bosnia’s EU accession. In this regard, he presented the necessity of implementing the reforms, especially those related to the 14 priorities from the opinion of the European Commission, during the meetings with BiH authorities.

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