SNSD gets four seats in BiH House of People's Serb caucus after a court decision

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Bosnia's top electoral authority has confirmed that four members of the SNSD party will get seats in the Parliament's upper chamber's Serb caucus. The decision comes after the state Court earlier contested the decision to confirm a disputable ballot and give a vote to the opposition PDP party, which enabled the party to get one seat in the House of Peoples. Pročitaj više

“The slate of Denis Sulic did not win a single vote, Ranka Peric-Romic's won 12 votes, PDP's 11 votes, Milan Radovic's 16 votes, Ana Ljubojevic's 13 votes, Igor Zunic's 14 votes, Sasa Grbic's two votes, and Mladen Ilic's 14 votes,” reads the proposal backed by all members of the Central Election Commission.

This decision enabled four SNSD's candidates to win the seats in the House of People's of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Based on the said results those are Snjezana Novakovic-Bursac, Zelimir Neskovic, Nikola Spiric, Sredoje Novic and Radovan Kovacevic”, said the Commission's proposal for the Serb caucus.

Speaking during the discussion, Commission member Zeljko Bakalar said that the institution will act in line with the Court decision.

“We used to have opposing stances. I think it is important to emphasise that the Court's decision, where the Court barely refers to the validity of the ballot, disputes more the decisions regarding the procedures based on which we determined the results,” said Bakalar.

One ballot was to decide whether the SNSD party, the ruling party in Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity, would get the absolute majority in the Serb caucus of the upper chamber of Bosnia's state parliament, or if the opposition PDP would get that seat. Namely, a member of the Republika Srpska parliament checked the box with the name of the political party instead of checking the box next to it, which competent commission declared as invalid ballot.

The Central Election Commission initially disputed this decision and gave the vote to the PDP party but the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina said the ballot was invalid. The Commission confirmed the decision.

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