Some 200 migrant children attend regular school in Bosnia


Around 200 migrant children are attending schools in Bosnia’s Una-Sana Canton and officials there say they are very satisfied with these students, with the only two obstacles to their education being the language barrier and the lack of regular attendance of lessons, Anadolu agency reported Thursday. Pročitaj više

These are children accommodated in some of the camps in the canton, who have been staying there for some time. Several primary and secondary schools are working with migrant children, trying to make it easier for them to stay outside their home country.

Almin Hopovac, the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Una-Sana Canton, told the Anadolu agency that some 200 migrant children attend regular classes in some schools.

“Children primarily attend preparatory classes, before they are assigned to the regular teaching process. There are teachers, professors and the non-governmental sector cooperating with us in this project and in some way preparing the children for the regular educational process. Children primarily learn the language so that they can understand and follow the lessons,” Hopovac explained.

Some children attend classes at the Prekounje Elementary School in Bihac. Director Amir Midzic said that they have children in the prep class who are still learning the Bosnian language.

“We are never sure how old these children are, no matter what they say. Six or seven students already attend regular classes at the school. They speak Bosnian relatively well, their knowledge of the material is also relatively good. Some things they can’t keep up with our kids and then we adapt to them. I have to say that these are very intelligent children who acquire knowledge very quickly. They may have some specific way of calculating, but again they get the exact final result,” Midzic pointed out.

The director of the Mixed Electrical and Wood Processing School from Bihac, Samir Becirspahic, is also satisfied with the students.

“This year we have one first grade student from the migrant population. He comes from Iran. For the past three years, he went to elementary school here with us. He is the first in BiH from the migrant population to continue his secondary education. His parents are academically educated,” said Becirspahic.

The language barrier is currently the biggest problem when it comes to his schooling, as well, the director said.

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