Sports plane crashes near Prijedor, leaving two dead

NEWS 31.12.2022 17:18
Mjesto pada aviona kod Prijedora (Infoprijedor)

A small sports plane crashed on the approach to the Urije airport in Prijedor at 3 p.m. Saturday, RTRS reported. They also learned that two people had died in the accident. 

After receiving information about the plane crash in the area of Prijedor, the on-duty prosecutor of the BiH Prosecutor's Office instructed the police agencies and competent authorities for civil aviation to secure the scene and to undertake all necessary activities, in order to determine all the details and information in connection with the mentioned event, the Prosecutor's Office said.

“All data and documentation regarding the said flight, the aircraft, the place of take-off, the intended flight path, as well as the persons who were flying and were in the aircraft, will be collected including all other circumstances necessary to establish all the facts related to the accident in which several people died”, the statement also states.

According to information from the field, a father and daughter, a well-known flight instructor and his daughter were killed in the crash.


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