Strik, Juratovic welcome Becirovic for BiH Presidency

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Both MEP Tineke Strik and SPD’s Bundestag member Josip Juratovic welcomed Denis Becirovic from Bosnia’s Centre-left Social Semocratic Party (SDP) for BiH Presidency as a sign of progressive forces and rejection of ethno-nationalist policies.

“I warmly welcome the results of yesterday’s elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It looks like many citizens rejected the ethno-nationalist corrupted politics of the past, and show to be in favour of EU integration. The EU should grasp this momentum to help the country forward. These results were however overshadowed by the use of the Bonn Powers by the OHR to impose a new election law that caters the interests of the ethno-nationalistic HDZ party and its sister party in Zagreb. By doing so, Schmidt has severely complicated the reform process. Bonn Powers should be treated with great integrity and proportionality. Its use on election day shows a total disrespect for the citizens who made use of their democratic rights. It significantly damaged the OHR as an institution, which is still highly needed today, unfortunately,” Strik said.

SPD’s Juratovic congratulated Becirovic on his victory for the Bosniak Presidency member saying it is a breakthrough.

“Denis Becirovic’s victory in the race for the Bosniak member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina is an indicator of the victory of social democratic consciousness, rhetoric and culture. I congratulate BiH on the breakthrough. I express my respect for the people and citizens on the final social democratic election in the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which, we hope, will contribute to peace and stability in the country and the Western Balkans region. I was not wrong in my undoubted support for the candidate of the United Opposition in BiH and I am sure that Mr Becirovic will show how different he is compared to others based on values, peace and cooperation in the interest of the development of BiH, the development of better relations in the country and the region,” said Juratovic.

Bosnia and Herzegovina held General Elections on Sunday and the winners for the seats at the country's tripartite Presidency are Becirovic for the Bosniak member, Zeljko Komsic from the centre-left Democratic Front (DF) for the Croat member and Zeljka Cvijanovic from the centre-right Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) for the Serb Presidency member.

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