Support for Srebrenica from around the world: Every day we remember, one day we never forget

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"Every day we remember, one day we never forget," is the simple message from the Srebrenica Memorial Center that has become widely recognized and clear worldwide, over the past two months, among individuals, organizations, and institutions supporting the adoption of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution on the Genocide in Srebrenica. Pročitaj više

“Over the past two months, we did everything we could to talk more about the genocide in Srebrenica in communities worldwide, both online and in person. The Resolution encouraged us to do this and even the discussion about it has resulted in greater global awareness about the Srebrenica genocide today, than a few months ago. The entire conversation provided an opportunity to talk more about the consequences of the genocide in east Bosnia, to recognize the activities of the Mothers of Srebrenica and the Srebrenica Memorial Center, to present our program recommendations for bringing genocide education closer to universities and secondary and primary schools, and to share the results of numerous studies with the world,” Almasa Salihovic, spokesperson for the Srebrenica Memorial Center, noted.

The Memorial Center reported that over 9,000 media articles about the Srebrenica genocide have been recorded worldwide from April 1 to date, indicating the campaign's awareness-raising goals have been achieved.

“I take this opportunity to thank the media, numerous journalists, and editors who were interested in the topic, who, along with us, monitored which countries supported the Resolution, provided a platform for victims’ families to speak, and understood the importance of focusing on facts, researchers, and education, rather than on genocide deniers and those who spread hate. Together, we proved that establishing the International Day of Remembrance for the Srebrenica Genocide is not a threat to anyone but a chance for future generations to learn from the lessons of Srebrenica,” Salihovic concluded.

The Srebrenica Memorial Center actively advocated for the Resolution through direct communication with over 40 partner organizations worldwide, informing UN member states, and holding at least 35 online and in-person discussions where representatives of this institution spoke about the Resolution. Their messages via social media reached over 2 million users. Throughout this time, they were subjected to numerous threats, hate speech, and attacks by genocide deniers.

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