“The case of N1-BH Telecom shows the type of election campaign we can expect”

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We expect a difficult election campaign that will not be devoted to the interests of citizens but to political fights, said Borka Rudic, Secretary-general of the "BH Journalists" Association for N1, on Tuesday. Rudic stated that BiH society is entering a phase in which it is most difficult to be a journalist, and mentioned the case of N1 and the announcement by BH Telecom that it will drop the programme from its cable TV.

“The case of N1 and BH Telecom, as I call it, shows how the political campaign will be conducted and what awaits all media such as N1, which really occupied a large part of the information space in BiH and has great influence and support from citizens,” Rudic said.

She believes that this is not all accidental and that it is not politically good.

“It is especially not good that they trying to show that there are two sides to the conflict, and yet the whole case is very simple. From the perspective of the Association of BH Journalists, what is indicative to us is who disputes the right of N1 television to do what it announced it would do and for what it has no legal obligation. N1 has no legal obligation to observe the election campaign, and I checked with the Communications Regulatory Agency and they told me that you have already registered the debates, which shows how responsibly N1 acts towards the public and needs of citizens,” Rudic noted.

Regarding the criticism directed at N1 due to the announcement stating that Democratic Action Party (SDA) structures have been managing this public company for years, she said that it is important to inform the citizens.

“Due to economic interests, they are trying to show that journalism is irrelevant. It’s important that a media such as N1 television actively participates in the election campaign, contribute to citizens, train them how to vote and explain why it’s important that they have the opportunity to express their opinion about political candidates. I would like to point out that what BH Telecom is trying to do now has no legal obstacle. But when we talk about who manages the BH Telecom, who is the director and how the battle is fought in the world of cable operators, how distribution is carried out – everything that is legal is not always moral, socially beneficial and in the public interest,” Rudic concluded.

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