Third anniversary since the murder of 2 Sarajevo Canton police officers

Source: Anadolija

The third anniversary of the murder of two Sarajevo Canton police officers, Adis Sehociv and Davor Vujinovic, was marked in Sarajevo, Thursday, in the presence of their family members, friends, colleagues and representatives of the authorities, the Anadolu agency reported.

Sarajevo Canton Interior Minister Admir Katica said that his ministry and police forces are working on this case daily.
“There isn’t a more dedicated institution to this case than the Sarajevo Canton Interior Ministry. We’re constantly working on it and acting proactively with the Prosecution when it comes to the activities we’re taking. I hope and I’m convinced that the Cantonal Prosecution and the Interior Ministry will be successful and bring the murderers of our colleagues to justice,” Katica said.

He added that his Ministry is cooperating with many different police and other institution in resolving the case.
Numerous police officials and colleagues of the murdered officers attended the programme marking the anniversary of their death.

The two late police officers died in a shooting that took place on October 26, 2018, at around 4 am, in the Sarajevo neighbourhood of Ali Pasino Polje when Sehociv was instantly killed while Vujinovic suffered severe wounds. The shooting took place when the two police officers caught a group of criminals stealing passenger cars in Geteova street.


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