Travnik to name a street after legendary coach Miroslav ‘Ciro’ Blazevic

NEWS 08.02.2023 16:38
Dušan Kecman/N1

The people of Travnik are deeply saddened by the death of the legendary coach Miroslav Ciro Blazevic, who was born in Travnik. For that reason they will pay tribute to this great man in several ways, said Mayor Kenan Dautovic.

“The reactions of the people in the city are simply endless sadness. The people of Travnik are sending off their Ciro with a lot of emotions but also with gratitude for everything he did. A man who marked a historical chapter, especially in sports, but also in the wider social sphere of life has left us,” Dautovic said.

Although he announced that the end was near, Ciro's death caught everyone by surprise, the Mayor added.

“We will certainly think in the direction of immortalizing his name on a symbolic level through a monument or a street that will bear the name of the coach of all coaches,” said Dautovic.

He announced that the delegation of the Municipality of Travnik will attend the last farewell of the legendary coach in Zagreb, Croatia.


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