Tuzla: Three bodies discovered in apartment from which man committed suicide

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Ilustracija (Foto: D.H./N1)

Three bodies were found in an apartment in the central Bosnian city of Tuzla, from which a man committed suicide last night. N1 had unofficially learned that the bodies of most likely two children and a woman were found in the apartment. Pročitaj više

The Tuzla Canton Ministry of Interior and the Prosecutor's Office have not yet announced anything concerning this case.

According to a source close to the investigation, after the body of a man who threw himself from the building was discovered on Sunday night, his identity was not immediately known. Also, the tenants did not hear or notice anything unusual before that. However, after his wife did not show up for work on Monday morning, and the older child did not show up for school, calls and checks began, and eventually their bodies were found in the apartment. Unofficially, there were no reported cases of violence in this family, and the man did not own a firearm.

The investigation at the place where the body was found has just begun, and it is being managed by the cantonal on-duty Prosecutor.

A man committed suicide by jumping from a building last night in the Tuzla settlement of Stupine.

Tuzla Canton Prosecution’s spokesperson Admir Arnautovic said later on Monday that the police found an object in the apartment, which is suspected to be the means of committing a triple murder. The object in question is an axe, however, the Prosecution is waiting for the DNA analysis of the axe to be sure.

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