United Media & SBB file charges against Telekom & Telenor

NEWS 08.04.2021 11:46
Source: N1

SBB and United Media (UM), which operate within the United Group, said on Thursday they filed criminal charges against Telecom Serbia a.d. and Telenor d.o.o Belgrade and responsible people in those companies suspected them of concluding a restrictive contract, punishable by Serbia’s Penal Code article 229, paragraph 1.

The charges are filed by Tomanovic’s law firm on behalf of SBB and UM.

The companies said, “the defendants are suspected of concluding the restrictive agreement by the end of 2020 and early 2021, thus dividing the market to push the third party out of it – SBB regarding the infrastructure, and UM regarding its media’s contexts.”

SBB and United Media added they expected the Higher Public Prosecutors’ Office to start the procedure against Telekom and Telenor, since “Serbia’s laws and international legal standards ban consensual and coordinated activities from dividing the market to suppress other market competitors.”

N1 operates within the United Group in Serbia.


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