United Media’s ‘Awake’ series wins audience award in Cannes

NEWS 13.10.202122:09 0 komentara

The United Media (UM) produced the 'Awake' series won the Audience Award for the Best Series in Competition at the prestigious international series festival in Cannes (Canneseries), the company said on Wednesday.

The ‘Awake’ was in a selection of ten series t presented to viewers this year. In the official selection, there also were: ‘Christian’ from Italy, ‘Countryman’ from Norway, ‘Dreams of Alice’ from Russia, ‘Limbo…Until it’s Over’ from Argentina, ‘Mister 8’ from Finland, ‘Sad City Girls’ from Israel, ‘The Allegation’ from Germany, ‘Totems’ from France and ‘Unknowns’ from Israel. The president of the jury was the famous actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

The series is the first from Serbia and this part of Europe that was included in a selection presented to viewers this year in Cannes.

The executive producer is Delirium Films.

‘Awake’ tells the story of young, ambitious detective Sonja Kljun who is tasked to go from Belgrade to the northern city of Subotica to investigate an alleged suicide there.

She did not expect her arrival to trigger an avalanche of events, which will reveal deeply buried secrets related to the mysterious organisation and her past.

Staying in Subotica will turn her life upside down, especially when she and her ten-year-old daughter start having frightening dreams that occasionally come true.

By accepting her unusual gift, Sonja will reveal the dangerous conspiracy behind the alleged suicide, but also a deeply buried secret from her past.

N1 and Nova S TVs are part of the United Media which operates within the United Group.