US Ambassador announces new aid to Bosnia's Armed Forces

NEWS 01.12.2022 10:01
Source: N1

US Ambassador to BiH Michael Murphy announced Thursday that his country will allocate an additional 17 million Bosnian marks (some € 8.7 million) in support to the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

In a video message published on the Embassy’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts, Ambassador Murphy emphasized the strong friendship between the two countries, and at the same time recalled the successes of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since the establishment of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Murphy added, the United States has been their number one partner.

As he explained, these additional funds include five million dollars for cyber security infrastructure and training for the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces.

This will help build the capacity and resilience of the Ministry and the Armed Forces of BiH in defence against malicious attacks on their IT networks.

The United States will also continue to invest in the development of the aviation capabilities of the BiH Armed Forces.


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