US-BiH military exercise ‘Immediate response 21’ continues

Ministarstvo obrane BiH

The joint exercise between the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States, ‘Immediate Response 21’, continued on Monday with its intensity reduced to several smaller individual activities.

A statement from the BiH Ministry of Defense states that after the most complex part of the ‘Immediate Response 21’ exercise has been completed, members of the US Armed Forces are preparing to move vehicles and equipment.


Members of the BiH Armed Forces now turn to their regular annual exercise ‘Immediate Response 21-4’.

The director of the exercise in BiH, Brigadier Slaven Blavicki, expressed his satisfaction with what was done and stated that his American colleagues praised the units of the BiH Armed Forces that participated in the exercise.

About 500 members of the BiH Armed Forces and about 700 American soldiers are participating in the joint exercise which is taking place at the military training grounds Manjaca and Glamoc, as well as the barracks and airport Dubrava near Tuzla.

The exercise is part of a large multinational exercise, ‘Defender Europe 21’, conducted by the US Armed Forces Europe and Africa Command, connecting four different military exercises on European territory.

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