US Embassy calls ‘absurd’ allegations by MP Vulic about assassination of Dodik being prepared

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The US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina dismissed the allegations by MP Sanja Vulic, who said on Thursday morning that there are information about an assassination of Republika Srpska entity President Milorad Dodik being prepared and that the information was coming from “certain circles in the American embassy.” Pročitaj više

“These allegations are absurd, completely ungrounded and irresponsible,” the embassy briefly stated, responding to the State MP, a member of Dodik's SNSD party.

Vulic spoke to public broadcaster in Republika Srpska entity RTRS on Thursday morning, claiming to have information from “certain circles in American embassy.”

“I need to share something with the public. We have the information from certain circles in the American embassy that assassination of president Dodik is being prepared. I am not saying this because I am an SNSD member but based on what we received,” she said.

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Vulic went on to claim there are messages saying that “everything is ready” and that they “have a weapon.”

“It means we are naïve. We call for coexistence and they are arming themselves. This is not a threat to me, but to the Serb people,” Vulic told RTRS without specifying who “they” are.

She noted that there is a “scenario,” according to which Bosnia and Herzegovina is rich in ores with most of them being located on the territory of Republika Srpska entity.

“The ambassadors forced the Government of the Federation (another Bosnia's entity) to give a concession in Vares on 99 years. They wanted to do the same to us. President Dodik said ‘No’,” she said, adding that this is when “the process” was launched.

Law enforcement agencies in the Federation entity told N1 that they had no information about alleged preparations for assassination of Dodik or about his safety being jeopardised.

Minister of Interior in Republika Srpska Sinisa Karan said that the police in that part of Bosnia and Herzegovina is taking all measures to provide security for the entity president.

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