US Embassy slams political parties for obstructing EU-required reforms

NEWS 17.05.2022 11:49
Ambasada SAD-a u BiH
Ambasada SAD-a u BiH (FENA)

US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina has called out Bosnian political leaders and their parties for rejecting the reforms required for the country's path to the European Union, asking them who are they actually interested in enriching.

“Party leaders promised their voters they would lead them into the European Union. That is tough to do when their parties vote against EU-required reforms, like the Conflict of Interest and HJPC (High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council) laws,” the embassy said, asking who are the leaders interested in enriching, themselves or their constituents.

The statement comes a day after the House of Peoples, Bosnian parliament's upper chamber, failed to adopt a proposal of law on conflict of interests in the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of 14 priorities set by the European Commission in response to the country's EU membership application.

The House of Peoples members adopted a negative opinion of the Constitutional-legal Commission on the law proposal, filed by the House of Representatives.


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