US-sanctioned minister: I know my duties and competencies very well

NEWS 06.06.202219:13 0 komentara

US-sanctioned minister of health in Bosnia's Serb-majority entity Republika Srpska Alen Seranic said he knew his duties and competencies very well, and that he would go on performing his duties.

Hours after the US Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control announced the decision, Seranic said that as a part of the Republika Srpska Government's team it is a part of his job to “implement the policies of the RS Government.”

“It was before, it is now, it will be like that as long as I am a minister. As far as Alen Seranic is concerned and the activities he has performed in the past years, I think you know them very well because we have had an opportunity to meet on daily basis, several times,” the minister told media on Monday.

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“The role of Alen Seranic is to work for the citizens of Republika Srpska. The role of Alen Seranic is to work on the improvement of healthcare, the equipping of institutions, on building new hospitals, on introducing new types of therapies, on the improvement of social welfare and allocating for social categories. I have been doing all that over the past four years and I remain committed to that,” he added.

In addition, Seranic also said he is familiar with laws and constitutions both of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska, as well as the competencies of the ministry he runs.