Victoriya Boklag: United Media was an obvious choice for collaboration with Emmy

NEWS 15.09.2022 16:02

Victoriya Boklag, United Group's Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of Marketing and Media talked about the importance of being part of the first international jury for the 50th International Emmy Awards.

Boklag said that after receiving an invitation from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and speaking with people from the Academy, she realised that they did not have a big network of professionals from southeast Europe and that they were very interested in connecting with a bigger player.

Considering that United Group and United Media are operating in eight countries in southeast Europe and that it has big media operations in pretty much all of these countries, the Academy was getting a big exposure to a good pool of talent and professionals in creating content, Boklag said, praising the United Group’s teams for doing a great job.

She stressed the importance of media for the United Group and its business, stating that by partnering with the network of the biggest media professionals in the world, and by hosting this event as well, the Group hopes to get new ideas, new opportunities for partnerships, new co-production opportunities, and to show the world its content and try to compete with it.

Further in the interview, Boklag spoke about the United Group’s involvement in media as well as telecommunication industries saying that both are practically interconnected. She mentioned United Group’s investments in Croatia, Bulgaria and Greece.

To hear what she said about the Group’s strategies, plans and further development of United Group’s EON platform, play the video above.



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