Vucic to African UN members: Srebrenica resolution would deepen rift among peoples

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told a meeting with representatives of African UN member states at the UN's New York headquarters on Tuesday that the adoption of the draft Resolution on the day of remembrance of the Srebrenica genocide would destabilize the region.

“The adoption of this draft resolution would lead to destabilization of the region and mistrust in the UN, deepen the rift among peoples and create fresh tensions in the Western Balkans,” Vucic wrote in an Instagram post.

Vucic said Serbia has been condemning the crime in Srebrenica continuously and consistently, and noted that the Serbian parliament in 2010 adopted a declaration condemning this crime.

President Vucic continues talks at the UN headquarters ahead of the UN General Assembly vote on the resolution on the Srebrenica genocide remembrance day, scheduled for May 2.

He said he told the representatives of Latin American and Caribbean states in the UN of the dangers and consequences of adopting the resolution on Srebrenica.

“I pointed out all the dangers that such a unilateral and coerced resolution could bring to the region, to the international legal order, and to the UN,” Vucic wrote on Instagram, adding that, instead of new divisions and instability, what everyone needs is constructive dialogue, mutual respect, trust, and understanding in order to work together on stability, economic development, and a better life for all peoples.

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