WW II monument ‘Garavice’ to 12,000 Bosnian Serb victims desecrated

NEWS 15.03.2023 13:49
Jadovno 1941./Facebook

After the Association "Jadovno 1941" published a photo of an improvised dog shelter at the memorial monument "Garavica", near Bihac, a monument to the 12,000 victims of Bihac, mostly Serbs, reactions followed, but also the announcement by the Una-Sana Canton’s (USK) Prime Minister that he would immediately send an inspection to the location.

“A desecrated monument. Recorded yesterday at Garavice near Bihac, the killing ground where no less than 12,000 Serbs were killed. Next to the monument, someone improvised a doghouse,” wrote the Jadovno 1941 Association on their Facebook profile with a photo.

After the information appeared, the President of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity, Milorad Dodik asked the competent institutions to investigate this “act of vandalism”, and to sanction those responsible.

The USK Prime Minister Mustafa Ruznic was surprised by the information that a dog house had been set up in Garavice, and he announced that he would solve this problem.

“That is the first information I received. Certainly, immediately after returning to my cabinet, I will talk to our inspectorate to find out everything about it myself, in detail. As far as we’re concerned, we’ll take all the necessary measures. We can’t disrespect each other,” the USK Prime Minister told N1.

The “Garavice” memorial park is a symbol of one of the largest execution sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Second World War, and one of the dozen most monumental monuments built during the former Yugoslavia.


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