Vucic: Serbia has crystal clear stance on Bosnia's integrity

Source: Tanjug / Filip Krainčanić

Serbia respects the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the territorial integrity of the Republika Srpska (RS) within Bosnia, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has said on Friday.

Asked to comment statement by RS President Milorad Dodik about merging this Bosnia's entity with Serbia, Vucic said that he expressed his stance on Bosnia's territorial integrity many times and that he had no intention to justify himself for these “crystal clear stances.”

Speaking at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade this week, the RS President said that this Serb-dominated entity and neighbourly Serbia should be one country at the end of the century.

This triggered a series of reactions of the international officials in Bosnia, including the one of the Office of the High Representative, in charge of monitoring the peace in Bosnia, as well as the UK and the US Embassies, who stressed that Bosnia was an integral and sovereign country, whose sovereignty and integrity were guaranteed by the Dayton Peace Treaty.

Asked to comment Dodik's words, Vucic said he could not understand the urge of the countries in the region to question Serbia's stance on this matter.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is our neighbour, we want good relations with them and to make those relations even better. And as for the lessons and lecturing Serbia, I can handle a lot more, but do stop yourselves,” added Vucic.