Advisory Council for BiH calls for increasing of Bosnia's defense capabilities

NEWS 15.10.2021 11:33
Source: N1

The US has always supported territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is the country's greatest friend and ally, the Washington-based Advisory Council for BiH said, adding that Bosnian leadership is not taking for serious the “blatant” attacks on the country. The Council also called for increasing of defence capabilities, in order to prevent further conflicts.

The statement comes amidst heated political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency Milorad Dodik announcing a potential secession of Serb-majority region, Republika Srpska and its withdrawal from the state-level system. He also announced that the region would asked its “friends” to help if NATO is called to intervene in Republika Srpska. 

“If we can learn one thing from the swift collapse of Afghanistan it is that nations need to build functioning institutions and defence capabilities. BiH’s leadership has neglected its own defence capabilities and seems to be fully relying on outside actors to intervene,” said the Council, a non-profit organisation that advocates for a united, democratic and multi-ethnic BiH.

“People of BiH have experienced first hand in ‘95 what happens when you rely on external factors for your own defence. As long as there is not a strong will to invest in military capabilities the people will be at the mercy on foreign actors for its own survival,” they stressed, referring to the 1992-95 Bosnian war.

“It is a myth that BiH cannot increase defense because the Serbs won’t allow it. There are many tools in the toolbox that are used for other political purposes when needed. It does not seem to be a political priority, or a priority of the people and that needs to change,” the Council added.

“Demanding for BiH to have adequate defense capabilities is not war mongering. If anything, it will prevent future conflict by deterring aggression. Investing in defense and smart and informed diplomacy is a must,” it concluded.


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