Belgrade right-wingers at ‘Soul of Srebrenica’ exhibition chanted Ratko Mladic

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Serbian Police prevented a group of demonstrators who were chanting the name for former Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladic, from stopping the opening of the photo exhibition "The soul of Srebrenica" on Sunday, by the award-winning Sarajevo author Midhat Poturovic at the NGO hub gallery in the centre of Belgrade, blocking the entrance to the street where a gallery is situated.

The police blocked all the streets around the gallery where several young men initially gathered, who responded to the call of right-wing organizations on social networks, to gather in front of the space where the exhibition is being held.

They later tried to approach the NGO hub from a different street but were also prevented by the police. In addition to chanting to Mladic, who was sentenced to life in prison in The Hague, for the genocide in Srebrenica among other things, the gathered youths shouted “Srebrenica is not genocide” and insults against President Aleksandar Vucic.

The three young men, who tried to enter the exhibition before it was officially opened, were identified by the police, and they then joined the group that chanted for two hours, led by the leader of the People's Patrol, Damnjan Knezevic.

Apart from the provocative chanting, there were no incidents.

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