BiH Defence Minister wants to send Armed Forces teams to help in Turkey

NEWS 07.02.2023 11:32

The Minister of Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Zukan Helez, announced he will be sending a proposal to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina to agree to the urgent deployment of BiH Armed Forces specialist teams to Turkey following the catastrophic earthquake.

The BiH military is prepared to send a medical team, a team from the engineering battalion that is trained for such situations, as well as a rescue team trained for natural disasters. The decision would specify the exact number of members of the BiH Armed Forces who would be sent to assist the Republic of Turkey.

Helez said he expects that the decision on sending help to a friendly country will be made unanimously in BiH’s top executive power institutions. The Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina can make an urgent decision in a telephone session.

Helez called on officials, public servants, professional military personnel and civilians employed in the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate in the humanitarian campaign to collect funds to help the citizens of the Republic of Turkey and Syria affected by the devastating earthquake.


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