BiH, Serbia FM delegations discuss regional stability in light of Ukraine war

NEWS 19.09.2022 16:51

Delegations of the foreign ministries of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia discussed security and energy challenges and emphasized the importance of the stability of the Western Balkans in light of the war in Ukraine at the bilateral consultations between the two countries on Monday.

Bosnia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Josip Brkic, led the BiH delegation while, Serbia’s delegation was led by the country’s State Secretary, Nemanja Starovic.
They discussed bilateral and multilateral relations, regional cooperation, as well as the European path of the countries of the region.

Brkic and Starovic stated that good relations between BiH and Serbia are important not only for the two countries but also for the entire region. They expressed their belief that the two countries can overcome all issues between them only through constructive cooperation and joint efforts.

During the consultations, the intensification of economic cooperation was also discussed. The importance of business meetings was emphasized, above all by participation in business fairs. The importance of the infrastructural connection between the two countries was emphasized, especially when it comes to the construction of the Sarajevo – Belgrade highway and the revitalization of railway traffic.

In the context of the war in Ukraine, they discussed security and energy challenges and emphasized the importance of the permanent stability of the Western Balkans, expressing their belief that the intensification of diplomatic activities will lead to the establishment of peace in Ukraine.

Opinions were also exchanged on the experiences of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Serbia in the process of European integration.

Brkic stressed that EU membership remains the main strategic foreign policy goal and priority of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He emphasized the importance of the perspective of EU integration for Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the Western Balkans region as a strong incentive for the continuation of the initiated reforms and the creation of an economic, legal, organizational and social system for acting in accordance with EU rules.

He reiterated that Bosnia and Herzegovina remains committed to good-neighbourly relations with all countries, as well as maintaining intensive regional cooperation in the Western Balkans, through political contacts and dialogue, various initiatives and forums, as well as through bilateral meetings, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH said.


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