BiH's FM reacts to statements by Serbia's President: “Vucic once again misses the opportunity to show courage and leadership”

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Elmedin Konaković (F.Z./N1)

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Elmedin Konakovic, said on Saturday that the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, is once again missing an opportunity to show courage and leadership and put an end to the topic of the genocide in Srebrenica. Pročitaj više

Reacting to a statement by Vucic, who said that the Bosniaks were preparing a Resolution on Srebrenica which would be supported by Western powers, while Serbia would oppose it, Konakovic told the Fena news agency:

“Vucic misses the opportunity to support the Resolution, which would mean a lot in the international framework and perhaps would put an end to the issue of the genocide in Srebrenica which was determined by the international court. He is again taking things in the opposite direction, lobbying for the non-adoption of the resolution, he has his own special explanations for why he is doing it. In fact, it would be best if, by supporting that resolution, it contributes to the removal of collective responsibility from the Serbian people.”

He strongly condemned Vucic’s statement that “the world is doing this to show that there are Muslims whom the world supports, comparing it to the current situation in Gaza”.

“He doesn't understand that really the whole world is doing this because of human, civilizational values. There are many countries around the world that remember and commemorate the genocide, teach children what really happened there. People all over the world do this for the sake of the future, not the past. He again calls genocide a tragedy, a crime, but he still does not use that adequate word, and he constantly refers to some international law when he talks about other topics, while at the same time grossly violating international law, he does not recognize the judgments of the courts with which Serbia has an obligation to cooperate and because of its legislation. That's why I'm sure that he doesn't have enough credibility when he talks about international law and other topics,” Konakovic said.

Konakovic also commented on the actions of the authorities in Serbia, which rewarded female students who glorified war criminals in BiH. Those tho students now have full scholarships in Serbia. Konakovic said that this once again illustrates Vucic's true position on this topic.

He stated that Bosnia and Herzegovina today has the diplomatic capacity to adequately respond to all activities of Serbia and other countries.

“For every good thing, they can expect twice as much good from us, but also for every bad thing”, he said.

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