Blinken criticised Dodik, compared him with Putin


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken commented on recent developments in Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity, comparing the actions by entity president Milorad Dodik with “Putin's authoritarian path.”

“Milorad Dodik’s attacks on basic rights and freedoms in Republika Srpska show he is on President Putin’s authoritarian path. State Department, represented by Ambassador (Michael) Murphy, continues to advocate for the democratic and prosperous future that all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina deserve,” Blinken tweeted.

The US official's message comes amid heated discussion on the laws adopted and announced in Republika Srspka, including Criminal Code amendments that introduced the criminalisation of defamation and the anti-LGBTI legislation announced by Dodik.

The law changes sparked reactions among organisations for human rights protections as well as human embassies and other international institutions.