Borjana Kristo appointed as Chair of Bosnia’s Council of Ministers

NEWS 28.12.2022 14:34

With 23 votes in favour, no abstentions and 15 deputies opposing the proposal, Borjana Kristo was elected the Chair of Bosnia’s Council of Ministers, as the country’s government if officially called, during the state House of Representatives’ emergency session, Wednesday.

Before the vote, Kristo made a presentation after which the deputies explained the points they found questionable and said why they would not support her or why Kristo is the right person to hold that position.

“I honestly listened carefully to your remarks related to my presentation. I spent several days making my exposé. It was too broad so I reduced it to what I presented to you today. I was talking about the political positions and guidelines that we signed as a coalition. I do not want to ignore what you said here as deputies and representatives of political parties and I treat it with full respect. I’m a person who respects the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and as the first among equals, I will do everything to reach an agreement through compromises and dialogues and work for the benefit of the people of BiH and successful joint work,” said the newly elected prime minister Borjana Kristo.


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